6.5" Hover $399
6.5" Wheels
Battery : 36v Lithium
Motor : 1000w
Range : 20k
Bluetooth Music
Smart Charger
Speed 15km/hr
8.5" Hover $599
Colours : Every Colour
Motor 1000w
Battery 36v Lithium
Tire 8.5"
Speed 15km/hr
Distance 15km
Bluetooth Music
Smart Charger
1000W Pithog $799
Make your own motocross with the electric dirt bike the Daymak Pithog. Climb hills, go off jumps and race your friends on this mini dirt bike. Perfect for youth, the Pithog is THE way to get started in the motocross world. Hitting speeds of 30 km/h and going for an hour straight without charge you can boot around the trails for tons of fun. This fully automatic dirt bike requires no gas, and no kick or pull starts. After your done just plug the dirt bike in for a few hours and get back out there
Mini Atv - $899 Bluetooth Governed
Motor: 500W
Battery: 12A/12V x 3
Weight: 43kg
Top Speed: 25km/h
Tires: 4" diemeter
Grunt - $1595 (#1 Seller)
12AH 48V 800W
Speedometer 3 speed control
LED tail light
full chain guard
16X8-7 TIRE
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